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  • We specilize in producing metal wire mesh. Our.
    Landscaping has become an important measure of the development of contemporary society, which stands a very important position no matter in city or tourist attractions.
  • Xinxiang Metal Wire Mesh Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
    Winter is the coldest time during a year, in generally, we do not want to get up and go out in that time, but in that cold day, have you noticed how the trees which make contribution to our environment go through the winter?
  • Railway protective fence mainly explains
    Galvanized is making the metal surface zinc coated, this process is including electro galvanized and hot dip galvanized. Let us talk the how to distinguish the difference between hot dipped galvanized wire and electro galvanized wire.
  • 江苏快3Xinxiang Metal Wire Mesh Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
    PVC coated wire is produced by using machine depositing PE or PVC powder evenly above the metal wire. The PVC coated wire has various colors, the surface of it is bright, it is popular among many users.In the process of production, the temperature is the key to decide PVC coated wire’s quality, if the temperature is low, the coating could not be conducted
  • Railway protective fence mainly explains
    KING SHINE (B.J) INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LIMITED has over 15 years’ experience on manufacture and export for fencing, wire mesh, building material and so on. We not only supply the good quality products, but also provide the most professional export service.
  • Use the railway protection fence
    We are located in Beijing, the capital of China. And have 50 staff. Including four departments: One is the Chief Executive Dept., Chief Technology Dept., Chief Finance Dept. and Chief Marketing Dept.
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