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Razor wire used for protection mountain protection and personal safety
Now people pay more attention on personal and property safety with the social development. One of the measures is reinforcing mountain isolation. 
As all known metal wire mesh fence is used to prevent landslide in  mountainous regions, 


that protect personal and property safety。 Now razor wire is used for keep safe as a new measure in mountainous regions。

Razor wire always  make people feel a sense of fear and afraid to approach. That is the reason that razor wire is used in mountainous regions.
Many people like travelling and camping, it is a kind of popular sport to make stronger and healthy. But if you are not careful, it is very dangerous. A girl lost her life because fall from the mountain when she camped mountain by herself ever as report before. Now razor wire is installed in a lot a mountainous regions. To prevent traveler coming in dangerous place. We can say that razor wire protect personal and property safety.

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