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Tel: +86-10-80220395
E-mail: sales@3kaf2hnh.com
Address: Green Wealth Center,Jinxing West Road,Daxing,Beijing.102627,China

Anping County Xinxiang Metal Wire Mesh Manufacture Co.,Ltd.LIMITED has over 15 years’ experience on manufacture and export for fencing, wire mesh, building material and so on. We not only supply the good quality products, but also provide the most professional export service.

We are located in Beijing, the capital of China. And have 50 staff. Including four departments: One is the Chief Executive Dept., Chief Technology Dept., Chief Finance Dept. and Chief Marketing Dept.
International Sales Dept., is belong to Chief Marketing Dept., has three parts.
Sales Dept. is in charge of contacting with customer and signing the contract.
Management Dept. is in charge of shipping. They will arrange the production according to the contract.
Market Dept. will do BRAND PROMOTIONBRAND and research all marketing information over the world.

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